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If you wish to exchange with me, or if you wish to have access to high quality versions or art prints of my photos available under Creative Commons license (from this site - excluding "Réalisations" — or from social networks), do not hesitate to contact me.

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A little bit more about me

After studies in political sociology and urbanism, I turned to participative urbanism and then to collaborative work, with a strong hold in Lyon's social and solidarity economy ("ESS" in French). In parallel, I developed skills around graphic design and digital, with a sensitivity to "libre" (free, as in freedom) culture.
My photographic work began in 2008, with the illustration of the university book "Balades domaniales dans la ville de Lyon" (ELAH, 2009, out of print), after several years of practice, as an amateur or in the service of my associative commitments. Thereafter, it was mainly embodied through the performing arts (theater or neighborhood festivals, company rehearsals...) and in photographic exhibition projects, such as the one co-constructed with the residents of a home for isolated workers in Givors (South of Lyon, France) in 2010 with the association Robins des Villes, or the 10th anniversary of Pignon sur Rue.
My vision has asserted itself with an attention to detail and the principles of street photography for its spontaneous dimension, used in urban as well as natural environments. I developed this aspect notably during trips, some of which were even built around photographic projects (such as МАТЕМАТИКА), and during events organized as part of my other professional activities.
I am particularly looking for the emotion allowed by shooting on the spot, without blush or staging.

Today, I work on commission, for universities, theater or dance companies, associations, collectives or other structures around culture: arts, sciences, kitchens, architectures, crafts. I intervene for short or long term event reporting: festivals, conferences, daily work, performances, exhibitions, mediations, experiments, training courses or workshops... or other projects to build together! You can also find more personal photos in the Galleries of this site.
I am also a cooperation facilitator, within Tadaa, a cooperative company (SCOP) I helped found in 2014 in Lyon.